Implement a strategy tailor-fit for your business.

Our end-to-end bespoke innovation frameworks and toolbox empower our clients to deliver customer-driven solutions in big markets.
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We understand the challenges holding back business innovation.
While extremely common, these barriers can be extremely difficult to overcome. We offer a helping hand, informed by 8+ years of experience.
Little capacity to focus on the future
Insufficient resources
Lacking a clear innovation strategy
Struggling with 'fresh' thinking
Blocked by long-standing company culture

From idea to solution, we support the entire innovation process.

Idea discovery
Uncover new ideas and opportunities to increase customer value through comprehensive market and customer research, conducted by our team. Build upon findings to craft new, compelling propositions worth pursuing.
Concept validation
Use our favourite experiments to put new ideas to the test and get reliable, constructive feedback from real customers. Work closely with our team to unpack test results, crystallise your new proposition on paper, and get ready to bring it to life.
Product design
Watch our work together take shape as our product strategists and designers start to design the interface for your product and/or services, informed by our years of experience in UX, UI, and product design.
Product development
Our team of full-stack developers brings your new proposition to life by turning our designs into functional interfaces ready to be used by your teams and your customers. Get help onboarding your team and enjoy a seamless handover into your workspace.
Access innovation support once-off or over the long term.
We offer flexibility to suit the needs and goals of our clients. Onboard our team as a long-term partner, spearheading your innovation success, or engage us on a plug-and-play, adhoc basis.
Innovation pipeline management
We help businesses design and manage their internal innovation pipeline process. This involves constructing the pipeline for proposed ideas, followed by the evaluation, validation, and launch of these ideas thereafter.
Innovation team-as-a-service
Fully embed our team within your own to get dedicated expert input in achieving your business and innovation objectives. We operate with agility, leveraging appropriate tools and methodologies to deliver on your bold targets.
Project-by-project basis
Have a particular project that requires support? Our team can jump in to provide hands-on action for that project alone, providing once-off solutions in the form of Design Sprints, Hackathons, and other useful methods.
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Let's innovate, together.

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Case Studies
Our success stories
We’re proud to have helped a number of ambitious corporate teams & partners build impactful solutions.

Building a leading South African funding aggregator

Product Validation
Product Strategy
Product Design
After performing a deep SME analysis during the Covid pandemic, we were able to identify the core problems that SMEs were experiencing while accessing funding throughout South Africa. Our team went on to validate, design, develop, and launch one of the leading funding aggregators in the country.

Powering eLearning across Africa

Product Design
Web Development
Mobile App Development
Our team developed one of the largest eLearning platforms in Africa in collaboration with a leading African corporate. We built a web and mobile application which delivers education to tens of thousands of daily active students across Africa, all between Grades 3 and 12.