Design Sprints: Your fast lane to innovation and product success

Bring your innovation strategy to life with a Google Venture's Design Sprint. Transform your ideas into tangible and tested prototypes within 2 weeks.
“Embarking on a design sprint with Delta Innovate was a game-changer. It was not just a process; it was a journey of creative exploration, problem-solving, and breakthrough thinking.”
- Executive Head of CVP, Top South African Corporate
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Validate or discard your innovation strategies and solutions within 2 weeks.

Align stakeholders & generate solutions

A design sprint kicks off with a series of stakeholder workshops, either in person or remote. These are facilitated by the Delta Innovate team. 

Create a functioning prototype

The winning innovative customer solution is fleshed out into user flows and wireframes, and turned into a clickable prototype. 

Test with real customers

The clickable prototype is used to test with users and gain feedback and valuable insights. 

Phases of a Design Sprint

During the understand phase the problem is clearly defined, the opportunity identified, and user needs and challenges explored.
During the ideate phase multiple innovative customer solutions are created through creative problem-solving activities.
Once multiple innovative customer solutions have been ideated, stakeholders can decide on the best solution by reviewing and voting. A rough storyboard is created for the top-voted solution.
A low-fidelity interactive prototype is designed to simulate an already-built product to be used in testing, without having to write a line of code.
User testing is conducted, using the prototype, to quickly learn what about the solution works & what doesn’t, without having to write a line of code.

Why leverage a Design Sprint

Whether you’re launching a new product, revamping an existing one, enhancing user experience or seeking to solve a specific challenge, our sprints can propel you towards innovation strategy success.
Don’t waste months on endless iterations. Our Design Sprints condense the process into a focused timeline, giving you a prototype in just a fraction of the time.
Risk reduction
Test your innovative customer solution ideas before major investments. Our iterative approach helps you identify potential pitfalls early, saving you time and resources.
Collaborative magic
Harness the power of cross-functional collaboration. Our sprints bring together minds from different disciplines to spark creativity and challenge assumptions
Customer-centric solutions
Understand your users deeply and align your innovative solution with their needs. Our sprints put your customers and their experience at the heart of every decision.
Expert guidance
Our seasoned facilitators are your partners in creating and executing a strong innovation strategy, guiding you through each step of the sprint with industry expertise.
Delivering innovation strategies to leading businesses
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Discover the power of Design Sprints.

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